May 10, 2010


Just letting everyone who might be curious know that I got moved in successfully about a week ago and that I've been taking this week to sort out some work matters, unpack my things, and generally get settled in to my new place.

It is an odd adjustment living in a big city after spending my whole life living in a very small town where everyone knows one another. Here I feel more anonymous and not as self-conscious which is nice but kind of weird getting use to.

Hopefully that will make it easier for me to be open about who I am and not have to worry as much about the reactions I'll get and all that nonsense. I know that shouldn't bother me but it always has on some level. At least here I don't have to worry about the being out en femme and running into someone I know from childhood, high school, or worse of all a family member. Here no one really knows me and thus wouldn't care.

Now I guess it is all a matter of making myself comfortable with me and being me. That bit is tougher, but I'm working on it.

Enough about me. I go on about myself and my issues too much, or so I worry. I'll hopefully be back in the swing of thing by the end of this week which means new captions and less of my emo-ramblings.