December 14, 2009

An introductory tale, of sorts

So I'll begin this as I'm want to do, by avoiding directly talking to much about myself. Instead I'll share a little story with you all.

Once upon a time there was a young boy who was just learning he was never meant to be a boy at all. Confused and feeling alone, the boy went looking for others like himself in a place people once called The Web. On The Web he found many who felt and dreamt as he did about being who they knew they truly were. Feeling a sense of belonging, this boy let go of who he had been and became a living fantasy called Emberwilde; who readily began to share her fantasies and desires with those like her.

For a time this made her very happy and things were well, but alas nothing lasts forever and Emberwilde began to doubt herself and her world. So to clear her head she traveled away from The Web to a stranger place all together, a place called Real Life and there she became lost and in a way forgot, or at least denied, who she was. Hoping that maybe who she was in Real Life was who she had to be, not who she wanted to be.

So it was that others on The Web mostly forgot about her, as things change so quickly there, and Emberwilde lived on living life in a very empty sense. Only ever glancing back to the world she left on occasion and trying not to long for it. She grew very different form who she had been, but an small ember of her, appropriately enough, burned on inside her. That ember she hid from the people of Real Life for fear of what they'd do with it; for fear they'd snuff it out all together.

Then one day like any other, a beautiful muse found Emberwilde in Real Life and began to sing to her and tell her stories and the ember grew brighter and the muse took notice of it's glow. The muse coerced Emberwilde to let the dying ember grow for it was the fire of her soul and let its light shine for others to see. More and more did Emberwilde try to do so, and as the light grew she found a path back to The Web she had forgotten, and chose to follow it and reclaim the world she had so misguided left behind.

Which, of course, brings us to the here and now...

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