December 14, 2009

Some very old captions

A few people who've been around in the captioning community for a while may remember I have a smartgroup called 'Emberwilde Fantasies' where I had several galleries of captioned images. Luckily, I managed to hold on to most of those and put them up in this gallery for people to check out to get a feel for my older work.

Sadly my oldest captions, stuff I originally had hosted on Robo's World and the like, were all lost years ago when the hard drive I had all that saved on crashed and couldn't be recovered. I'd love to track some of those down if at all possible, not that I'm holding out a lot of hope. If anyone has some of those old captions please let me know. Maybe I can offer an exchange of a new caption here on the site for each old one that makes it back my way. ;)

Also if people would like, I can always post some of the older work here as well rather than just leaving it all up in the filefap gallery. Maybe I could make a habit of spotlighting some of my old work. Hmm, that might be a fun idea.


  1. Uhh, Ember... I have a number of those old caps from Robo's World you are missing. How could I send them to you?

  2. Sir, if you could send them to my emberwilde {at} gmail {dot} com account that would be lovely. I'd really appreciate having copies of those. :)