March 13, 2010

Kybele Collection: Vali's Knocker


  1. Enjoying this Kybele collection caption series. Definitely fun all the histories you weave into the tales.

  2. I really like the idea of the door-knocker, and the picture works really well with it. Also, I am now very curious as to what the other artifact is.

  3. This whole series is kind of my spin on the 'magical dingus' style of captions and TG fiction like those involving the Medallion of Zulo, the MAU, etc. It is also equally inspired by the mini-series the Lost Room.

    I kept coming across great images with random objects in them that my mind started spinning into little TG stories but there were never enough images of similar items to do a series or create one artifact that was persistent throughout.

    So I got the idea rough idea for the Kybele Collection and started playing with it to see where it would go. I like the range it has. It can be silly, it can be erotic, it can be dark, and they aren't constrained to all work one way, and so on. Just lots of fun to play with.

    Oh and as for the other artifact in this cap it will eventually show up I'm sure. ;)