March 10, 2010

I didn't vanish forever! Honest!

Hi all,

Sorry I haven't posted anything new in a few weeks but it has been a crazy month or so. Work was getting scarcer, money was getting tight, I went through a bad Valentines, a really bad twenty-*coughcough*-th birthday, started getting really depressed, and then found out I may be forced to move soon. Just seemed like it was one thing after another. Meh!

Things are finally getting semi-stable again (for the most part) and I feel a bit better lately than I have. No worries I'll get it all sorted out. My life tends to be a complete whirlwind lately and I'm getting use to riding it out.

I feel so bad that I got this far behind but I promise I'll try to start making it up this week as I should have a bit of free time to work on some new captions.  I also just want to post here more regularly in general to vent a lot of things that go through my mind. Such as seriously considering HRT and living more openly as the woman I am inside.

Anyway, my apologizes to any fans of my work. I promise I won't up and vanish again seemingly forever (I totally swear!). I know it seems silly but I worry people write me off because of it, not that I think most people even remember that I did it in the first place. Bad impressions are so annoying. Meh x2!

Ok enough rambling. I know I'm bad about it. Just wanted to let everyone know what was up!

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